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What is MOPS?


If you're a mother of preschoolers, you've got your hands full.

We know how you feel. And we're here to help.

It was hard enough bringing your baby into the world. But now it's gone and turned your world upside down! When did showers become a luxury?! We know you are experiencing a challenging phase of life when doubt, fear, frustration and exhaustion collide with love, hope, joy and elation.

This is a turbulent time for both you and your child. So while you're pouring yourself into the development of your child, let us pour encouragement, insight, and confidence into you!

www.mops.orgMOPS International (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and inspiring women to be the best parents possible. MOPS groups are a special place you can go to meet like-minded women also passing through this unique stage of life. You'll have a chance to not only make new friends, but discover a wealth of helpful hints and smarter strategies to dealing with the challenges of motherhood.

Meetings are held at Immanuel twice each month and led by other mothers who share a passion for helping you find your footing and strength to do your best at raising your little ones into healthy, happy people. MOPS groups are dynamic, inviting environments where you can come - just as you are - and be refreshed and inspired while your children are lovingly cared for in MOPPETS programs.

Who is invited to MOPS?
Any mother of at least one child between the stages of pregnancy and Kindergarten are welcome. Our group is open to ALL moms in the community; you do not need to be a church member to attend.

When does the group meet?
We meet regularly on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, September through May. Our MOPS group is unique because we meet in the evening from 6:45-9:00 p.m. in the Chapel, accommodating the needs of both working moms and stay-at-home moms who would like an evening out. Childcare is available.

What should I expect at a meeting?
A typical MOPS meeting features a speaker presenting information on a topic such as marriage, parenting, discipline, relationships, health or spiritual growth. The presentation is generally followed by small group discussion (a chance to get to know other moms) and a creative activity. There will always be delicious food and beverages to enjoy.

How can I learn more?
Follow the link above to read the most recent MOPS newsletter for the latest news, speakers, and events. Scheduled meetings and topics are listed on our registration brochure. If you would like to learn more about this great ministry just for moms, please contact us!
Phone: 586.615.2582
MOPS International Website:

We would like to sincerely invite you to join us at our meetings and other Immanuel MOPS events. We truly understand the demands and fluctuating schedule of having young children, but we hope you will set aside some time for yourself and take the time to learn with us as we seek to build up our parenting skills, to form friendships, and to discover balance among the many roles we fill.