Jesus' love for the little ones.
Everything that we do to help families with this age child is based on the truths that God made them special and will love them forever. Through age appropriate events, activities and classes, we want there to be a spiritual foundation built so that as they get older, they know the basic truths and are ready to dig in deeper. Our influence and support begins as early as before birth! Baptism seminars help prepare families for their child’s baptism and walk in faith. Each Spring, a milestone event is held for preschoolers and their parents that teaches the importance of devotions and prayer in the home. At a special ceremony during the worship services, each family is given a devotion book to use in their home. On Sunday mornings, the kids get together and learn about Jesus through various stories in the Bible and learn what God teaches us for our lives today. This fall with the restrictions in place due to the pandemic, you will be able to check back at www.immlutheran.org/kids for lessons each Sunday to do at home with your child. Or register, and the links will be emailed to you. There will be links each week with a fun video, a craft, a recipe or a service event to do as a child. To help your child get to know bible verses, there will be a coloring sheet to do together and get to know. Color the sheet and put it up so you can read it together every day.   For more information, contact Andrea Weiss, Family Life Minister (ages Birth-Preschool).

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