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Mrs. DeVoy

Hi, my name is Tanya DeVoy and I am one of the third grade teachers at Immanuel Lutheran School. I attended Lutheran High School North in Macomb, MI and was in the graduating class of 1995. After that, I attend Concordia College in Ann Arbor, MI. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1999. While at Concordia I majored in Elementary Education, with 2 minors. One of the minors was in Social Studies and the other was in Physical Education. In 2006, I received my Master’s Degree from Oakland University in Early Childhood Education.

I am starting my 23rd year of teaching in the ministry, and I am starting my 20th year of teaching at Immanuel. In that time I have taught grades 1-4. Over the past 19 years here at Immanuel, I have been teaching 3rd grade. I have a wonderful husband of 16 years. I enjoy coaching basketball, reading, traveling, and watching movies.

It is a pleasure for me to teach all of God’s wonderful children!

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Mrs. Krease            




Hello, my name is Kelly Krease and I am one of the third grade teachers at Immanuel Lutheran School. I attended Lutheran High School North in Macomb, MI and was in the graduating class of 2013. After that, I attended Grand Valley State University. I received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in 2017. I also minored in Psychology. In 2019, I received my Master’s Degree from Grand Canyon University in Elementary Education.

I am in my 3rd year of teaching and my first year in 3rd grade. I have taught 1st-4th grade throughout all of my teaching experiences. I recently got engaged and will be turning into Mrs. Krease in February. I enjoy coaching and playing volleyball, basketball, and softball and enjoy reading as well as being outdoors.

I’m blessed to be able to teach God’s little blessings!

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Curriculum - 3rd Grade

Religion – This curriculum focuses on giving students the optimal opportunity to grow in their relationship of faith and life with God through discussions, group work, workbook, Bible study, memory work, worship, and chapel.

Mathematics – We teach mathematics through problem solving, number sense, number concepts, number operations, algebraic thinking, data analysis and probability, measurement, geometry, and spatial sense. This is done through the use of manipulatives, practice exercises, group work, discussion and assessment. 

Language Arts Reading – Reading incorporates the Four Block curriculum using guided reading activities, working with words activities, self-selected reading, writing, and phonemic awareness. Accelerated Reader is used as part of the reading program. Children work daily/weekly on laptops using Razkids or Reading Horizons enrichment programs.

  • English/Grammar – Grammar, usage, and the mechanics of the writing process are taught through individual daily practice exercises, discussion, group work, assessment, and published written work.
  • Spelling – Words are taught through emphasis on learning principles and patterns such as sound spelling patterns, syllable patterns, and word parts (base, prefix, suffix). This is practiced through workbook, activities, and assessment.
  • Handwriting – We begin our year with manuscript maintenance and we work our way through the beginning of the year learning the correct way to make each letter. By April, all children are writing in cursive.
  • Creative Writing – Creativity and the love of writing is taught through a wide variety of writing topics such as letter writing, journal writing, stories, plays, advertisements, news reports, biographies, and a large project of writing and illustrating an actual hard cover book. We also supplement with a program called CraftPlus Writing.

Social Studies – Michigan History, Geography, Economics, Citizenship, and Cultural Awareness are taught through class lecture, discussion, projects, practice work, Weekly Reader News (current events), and assessment. We include a yearly trip to Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village on alternating years. We also include in-class enhanced learning experiences through Wolcott Mill.

Science – A wide variety of topics such as Sun, Moon, and Earth, Forms of Energy, Earth’s Water, Roles of Living Things, and Nutrition are taught through class lecture and discussion, experiments, practice work, and assessment. Included in our studies is a trip to the Flint Planetarium. We also include in-class enhanced learning experiences through the MISD.

Physical Education – Children participate in activities to work on their coordination, muscle development, and cardiovascular endurance. This is done through a variety of activities from relays and games to sports and sport-related activities.

Computers – Computer time is used to foster keyboarding skills; software navigation skills; presentation skills; basic technology terminology (including hardware and Internet awareness).

Music – Vocal, theory, and a love of music is experienced through choir and worship participation.

Art – The third grade program includes basic drawing techniques, seasonal projects, and the incorporation of children’s literature, art appreciation, and the introduction to the seven elements of art.

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Schedule - Mrs. Krease's 3rd Grade
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