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Mrs. Barnes
Welcome to the wonderful world of 6th grade!? I am Mrs. Barnes, one of the 6th grade teachers here at Immanuel.? My teaching experienced is varied:??third grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, and art education.? I have?over 20 years of teaching experience with a B.S. in Elementary Education and a M.A. in Guidance and Counseling.?I have been blessed to be a part of the Immanuel family.? As an educator, it is my desire to foster?a love of learning in every student, incorporating creativity, problem-solving, and/or experiential learning experiences in a Christ-centered environment.? My husband, Tom, and I are members here at Immanuel.? Our family includes our daughter, Katie, an? alumnus of Immanuel.
Mrs. Van Hevel

?Here I am Lord!? Trying to live my life in response to God?s call has led me to the 6th grade at Immanuel, and there is no place I would rather serve! I determined in 10th grade that I wanted to change the world and that the best way to do that would be to shape the future through education. I attended Western Michigan University?s Lee Honor?s College for my Undergrad, and later earned my Master?s in Teaching and Learning from Oakland University. I previously taught at the high school level and now greatly enjoy the energy and helpfulness of middle school learners as well as the opportunity to openly share the love of Jesus.

My and my family?s immersion in Immanuel Church and School has shaped our faith and family. My husband Brian and I have been active members at Immanuel for 13 years, participating in worship, study, and volunteerism. My boys, Kayden (8th grade) and Jayce (6th grade), began participating in the Children?s Ministry before they could walk, and have attended Immanuel School since 3-year-old preschool.

I love to spend my time with my family. We play sports together, play board games and card games, and even read together. Occasionally, my boys convince me to play video games or watch action movies. I also enjoy creating and decorating.

I am very excited for this school year! I feel blessed to teach at Immanuel, and I look forward to helping your children and families grow in knowledge and faith.


Curriculum - 6th Grade

Religion – The religion lessons contain a thought-provoking approach to the Bible text or topic, life-related activities, and memory verses that will help students learn more about God’s love for them in Jesus Christ. The lessons will assist them in applying Biblical truths to their lives. The 6th grade curriculum uses the text Applying Luther?s Catechism by Concordia Publishing House as our guide.

Math ? The concepts covered are decimal operations, expressions and equations, integers, fractions, ratios, proportions, percents, and geometry.

Language Arts

  • Literature/Reading ? The students spend a large portion of their time independently reading at their level and their interests to build them as readers.? Students will also study a variety of literary genres.? Mini lessons on reading strategies, literary elements, and skills are an integral part of the classroom.? Incorporated within this framework are classroom novels.
  • English – Sixth grade is the first year in a three year series studying the fundamentals of the English language. Students study the grammar, usage, and mechanics of the English language.
  • Writing ? Writing is incorporated throughout the school year in the context of what they are studying in English.? Students will write a personal narrative, literary response and analysis, a compare/contrast piece, as well as a character analysis paper.? The writing curriculum concludes with a research paper on a historical figure and a public speaking experience via a Historical Wax Museum.

Social Studies – Sixth grade concentrates on world history from ancient times to the Middle Ages. ?Experiential learning includes cuneiform writing, pyramid building, Greek mythology plays, and a Medieval Festival.

Science ? In sixth grade, students will study earth science. Topics include: elements, minerals, rocks, earthquakes, volcanoes, space, and a study on creation including Noah?s Flood and its geological impact.

Physical Education -Students participate in physical education activities twice a week.

Computers ? Students attend a weekly computer class on a variety of topics.

Electives – ??Students may choose electives from the following courses:? advanced band, choir, music appreciation, hand bells, advanced art,? current events, money matters, Spanish, and study hall.

Art – The sixth grade art program includes drawing technique, a variety of art medium and technique, and the emphasis of the seven elements of art.

Memory Work
Vocabulary Word Lists
Social Studies


Field Trips
6th?Graders will be taking the “Cultural Tour” this year!
  • We will go to Cranbrook to emphasize our minerals and rocks unit.
  • We will go to Meadowbrook Theatre in the winter to see A Christmas Carol.?The students will read the story in literature class prior to the trip.