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7th Grade Candids


8th Grade Candids

Classroom Teachers

Mrs. Riley

7th Grade

My name is Melinda Riley, I teach a variety of middle school classes here at Immanuel Lutheran. ?Immanuel is my home, it is the congregation I grew up in, the school that I went to, and now the place I am a 7th grade homeroom teacher at. ?I am blessed to be surrounded with such an amazing, hard working and caring staff family at Immanuel. Since graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Wayne State University and Master’s Degree in Principalship and Leadership from Saginaw Valley State University I have taught and led in a variety of middle school roles in both public and Lutheran schools. ?Besides the continuing education classes teachers take to maintain their certificate, I have also completed Religion Endorsement (Colloquy) from Concordia University.

I am proud to have a wonderful blended family that includes five children.? One of them is a  student at Lutheran High North, and four attending college.? All of them are very active in extra curricular activities which I love being a part of! ?When we are not at a sporting event or extra curricular activities we enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing.

I strive to help students grow both spiritually and academically. ?I want my students to be independent, self reliant learners. I believe in creating and providing students with differentiated, engaging instruction so that all students can succeed.

Mr. Paul Neumeyer

7th Grade

I attended Concordia University in Ann Arbor where I met my future wife, Sarah. We were married in 2014, a week after graduating from Concordia, and quickly settled into our teaching careers. I taught fourth grade at St. John, Rochester for one year before taking on the role of P.E. teacher for the last three years.

In my free time, Sarah and I enjoy watching, coaching, and playing sports. I have enjoyed coaching soccer and basketball. When we are not teaching or coaching, we love being outdoors, camping, and kayaking where I can go fishing.

Mrs. Mead

8th Grade

My name is Katie Mead and I teach life science, physical science, and forensic science to the middle school students of Immanuel. I attended Immanuel as a student in 2003 and I am thrilled to be sharing my passion for science and Christ with the students and staff. I graduated from Oakland University in 2017 majoring in Biology and Integrated Sciences with a minor in Math. Currently, I am continuing my own adventure as a student and completing the Religion Endorsement (Colloquy) from Concordia University.

I have been a dance teacher/coach for 9 years and the director of a summer dance camp at my studio. I enjoy traveling to different countries, exercising, and spending time with family and friends. I am very thankful to have the amazing opportunity God has provided me at Immanuel Lutheran School and I am excited to be working with the phenomenal parents, staff, and students.

Mr. Kressbach

8th Grade

I am Fred Kressbach and in my 31st year of the teaching ministry, 12 years at Emmanuel-Dearborn and 19 years at Immanuel-Macomb.? I am currently one of the 8th grade homeroom teachers and teach English in 7th and 8th grades, part of the 8th grade religion classes, my homeroom’s literature class, and a current events class.

My teaching degree is from Central Michigan University, “Fire Up, Chips!”? I have a degree in secondary education with a major in English and minors in U.S. history and geology.? My colloquy, or religion instruction, was through Concordia University-Ann Arbor.

I grew up in Waterford, MI and attended Peace Lutheran in Waterford.? It was at Peace that I first met my wife, Debbie, in a Sunday School classroom.? She also works here at Immanuel in our business office.? We have 3 boys, two of whom graduated from Immanuel, and all 3 graduated from Lutheran High North.

7th Grade Outdoor Education - Sherman Lake

7th Grade Outdoor Education - Sherman Lake

Each year our 7th grade students attend outdoor education.? In the fall the students went to the Sherman Lake YMCA to spend three days at camp.? Students are given responsibilities and challenges that promote high self esteem, respect, and cooperation. Sherman Lake focuses on teaching and role modeling the four principles of honesty, caring, respect and relationships.

8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip

8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip
Each year our 8th grade students go take a 5-day trip to Washington D.C., Virginia, and Gettysburg, PA.


7th Grade Memory Work
7th Literature
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Social Studies-Mr. Neumeyer
Math - Mrs. Riley

?[pdf-embedder url=”https://immlutheran.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/classroom-procedures.pdf” title=”classroom procedures”]

8th Grade Memory Work
8th Literature
English-Mr. Kressbach
November 14, 2018

Research Paper ? Eighth ??Grade

Dates and Deadlines:

  • Wednesday, November 14, ?Receive materials and begin discussing paper make sure you have all materials needed for research
  • Tuesday – Friday, November 13 – 17 begin research


  • Monday, November 19, THESIS DUE
  • Monday ? Wednesday, November 19 – 21, Continue research and note taking.? Continue research note taking over Thanksgiving break.
  • Monday ? Friday, November 26 ? November 30, Research/note taking
  • Monday ? Friday, December 3 -7, continues research and create rough outline


  • Friday, December 7, ?ROUGH OUTLINE DUE write rough draft
  • Monday? – Friday, December 10 – 14,? work on rough draft of paper
  • Friday, December 14, ROUGH DRAFTS DUE,
  • Monday – Thursday, December 17 – 20, final writing, proofing, editing
  • Friday, December 21,? Final copy due



Thesis Statement ? The single sentence that tells what the entire paper is to be about.? It is written exactly as it will appear in the paper and will be included as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. Due Nov. 19.



Works Cited ? These are the sources where you get your information.? You should have 6-8 sources or more for a paper of this size.? These sources should include information from newspapers and magazines as well as books and web sites.? You may not use encyclopedias or textbooks as sources, because these are basically research papers themselves.? You may not use more than two web sites and these must be approved by Mr. K.

Works Cited Cards ? For every source you use you must fill out an index card.? This card should be filled out exactly the way the information is to be recorded on the final ?Works Cited? page.? Make sure you record this information accurately.? MLA pages 3-13 will serve as a guideline.

Each of these cards should be numbered in the order you fill them out to aid you in your note taking.

Note Cards ? Notes are to be taken on index cards. At the top of each card should appear the number of the work cited and the topic of the information on the note card.

Only one item of information is recorded on each note card.? This information is related directly to the topic listed on the top of the note card.

Any item that is directly quoted from a source should be included in quotation marks so this information is not plagiarized later.

Note card information should be summarized or paraphrased to avoid plagiarism.

See MLA pages 22-26 as your guideline.

Note cards are due with final paper.

Documenting Sources ? Any specific quote, particular fact or detail, item of information that is not general knowledge should be documented.? This is done with ?Parenthetical References.?

MLA pages 14-15ff will serve as your guideline.


Outline ? A rough draft of the outline is due on Dec. 7.? This is part of your final grade.? It may be revised for the final draft of the paper.? I am not proofing your outline when you show it to me on the Dec. 7. Be sure to follow the example in the MLA on page 28.? Be sure that your final draft of the paper follows the final draft of the outline EXACTLY!

Pronouns -? Personal pronouns should not appear in the body of the paper ? example: Do not refer to yourself as ?I? or ?we? and do not say ?you,? etc. with the exception of the introduction/conclusion where you can reference your trip experience.

Length of Paper ? The body of the paper should be 5-6 typed, double-spaced pages.? This should be in 12 pt. Times Roman.? Remember:? Two spaces after the punctuation at the end of a sentence.? The entire paper, cover, outline, and works cited page must be typed. Anything less than 5 pages in length is a deduction in grade.? Standard margins should be observed.

Guidelines for this are in the MLA.

Works Cited Page ? Follow the guidelines in the MLA exactly.? Any variance from the MLA is a deduction in grade.

MLA page 39.

Title Page ? The title page contains the title of the paper centered on the page from top to bottom and left top right.? The name, number, date, subject, assignment should appear in the top right corner of the page.

Final Paper ? The paper should be arranged in the same manner as the example in the MLA beginning on page 28: Title page, outline, paper, works cited.? Follow the MLA closely.

Topic ?This paper will be about the topic that was randomly drawn for you before we left for DC.? Part of the paper will be about the person or event that the monument, memorial, or museum was built for (historical or biographical information) and the other part will be information about the monument, memorial, or museum itself.? How was it built, out of what, how was it funded, when was it built, what does it mean or represent, who designed it, etc.



Points ?

40 ? use of classroom/computer lab time and conduct

10 ? turn in rough draft of outline on time

10 ? turn in rough draft of paper on time

15 ? neatness

75 ? content

75 ? grammar

10 ? title page

15 ? final outline

30 ? works cited page

20 ? note cards

300 points total

Every grammar mistake is a 2 point deduction from the 75 points allotted for grammar.? Personal pronouns are considered a grammar mistake for this paper.? The use of contractions e.g. couldn?t, can?t, etc. is a deduction.

Any variance from the style required in the MLA will result in point deductions.

Turning in the rough draft of the outline and the paper earning 10 points each is simply to check and see if the student is moving forward with the paper on schedule and in the right direction.? This is in no way a proofing of the entire work to that point.

Easybib.com ? Currently is set for MLA-8.? Our style book is MLA-6.? You need to make appropriate adjustments.



If it is there use it:? ????????????????????????? Must have this:

1) Last name, first name.?????????? ????????? 2) ?Title.?

3) Date of Publication or ?.? ?????????????? 5) Day you got it off the internet.

4) Sponsoring organization.???????????????? 6) Web Address (complete with all the stuff).

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