Casas Por Cristo | Feb 17-21, 2025

Acuna, Mexico

Would you donate to make this home possible?

The materials cost of a house is just over $12,000, and does not include transportation, lodging, food, etc. for the build team.  Your love will change a family’s life and continue to make ripples in the community as Casas has partnered with churches and families for over 25 years in Acuna.

If you are interested in joining the men’s mission team check out the videos below. There are still slots available. Reach out to Brad Koehn for details:


Q:           When and where is the mission trip?

A:            The mission trip is scheduled for Monday, February 17, 2025 – Friday, February 21, 2025.  (We aim for this to be an annual trip held the week of President’s Day each year)  “The build” will take place in Acuna, Mexico.  Acuna is a border town across the Rio Grande from Del Rio, Texas.  Del Rio is about 3 hours from San Antonio and about 6 hours from Houston. 

Q:           Who can participate in the mission trip?

A:            This is a mission trip specifically geared towards men, ages 17+.  While Casas Por Cristo has no age restrictions on their missions and is fully co-ed, this trip is being organized as a men’s fellowship event. 

Q:           What exactly does this mission trip entail?

A:            The purpose of this mission trip is to construct a home for a Mexican family. The group will fly in on Monday to an international airport in Texas. From there we will then drive to Del Rio, Texas where we’ll change vehicles and drive into Acuna, Mexico.  On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we’ll construct the home.  Then, on Friday morning, we’ll head back across the border and travel home.

Q:           I have no building or construction experience; can I still participate?

A:            Of course, you can!  No prior experience is necessary, although if you do have experience it will come in very handy.  There will be a Casas’ representative on site to assist us.  The process is all very well laid out with easy-to-follow instructions. 

Q:           What costs can I expect if I want to participate?

A:            We are working to raise the full cost of the construction of the home through, plus funds to help offset travel costs through charitable giving.  We expect each participant to cover $650 out of pocket.  The total project costs include the cost of the home and extras (i.e., a bathroom), airfare for the participants, van rental to Del Rio, van rental to Acuna, along with lodging, and food, plus free will donations to our Casas missionary and our local food preparation team. 

Q:           What sort of accommodations can we expect?

A:            We request the use of Casas Pro Cristo’s La Hermosa facility in Acuna (subject to availability).  La Hermosa is an old community church that was converted into a “bunk house”.  The bunk house includes bunk beds to accommodate about 24 individuals.  Each bunk includes access to an electrical outlet.  La Hermosa also includes three modern toilet/shower facilities with running, hot water.  Our housing will be officially assigned by mid-November. 

Q:           What will there be to eat?

A:            Breakfast (excluding Monday & Friday) and dinner (excluding Friday) will be prepared by the local Casas kitchen team.  Breakfast is traditional American food, i.e. pancakes, waffles, sausage, hardboiled eggs, etc.  For dinner, the food is traditional Mexican food such as tamales, tostadas, etc. For lunch the build participates prepare sandwiches before heading to the job site.  In some cases, the family receiving the house may prepare a traditional Mexican meal for the participates, but this is not guaranteed or expected.  Prior to entering Mexico, if there is time, the build team may stop at the Del Rio Walmart and can purchase snacks.  Additionally, there may be time to stop at the local Mexican “corner store” for local sodas, chips, cookies, etc. 

Q:           Are there any security concerns being in Mexico?

A:            There are always security concerns when entering a foreign country, especially a Mexican border town.  However, Casas has been in operation for more than two decades and has not had any issues.  The locals welcome our presence understanding that we are there help the people of Acuna.  However, we still maintain vigilance, practice good situational awareness, travel in groups, limit travel within the area, etc.  The vehicles we utilize to enter, travel within, and exit Mexico are official Casas vans and are clearly marked. 

Q:           Has anyone from Immanuel done this before?

A:            Yes!  Prior to 2020, a group of students participated in a building project with Casas in the Dominican Republic.  In 2023, two members of Immanuel, alongside 16 other individuals from churches around the country, participated in a Casas building project in Acuna as a scouting mission.  Then, in 2024, 12 members of Immanuel participated in our first men’s mission trip to Acuna.  The home for this trip was constructed solely by the Immanuel team with oversight from our Casas missionary (who happens to be an LHN alumni), as well as members of the family receiving the home.

Q:           What if I can’t go, but want to support the mission?

A:            As the mission team, we are fully responsible for all costs associated with the building of the home.  This includes the $12,000+ for the home materials, all transportation costs (to and from the airport locally, the airfare, transportation to and from the airport in Texas, transportation to and from the accommodations and job site in Mexico, food, accommodations including that provided by Casas, and donations to our Casas missionary and our kitchen team).  The total cost to make this all happen and provide a Mexican family with a home is around $20,000, plus the donation of time and labor by our build team.  Monetary donations are encouraged and greatly needed. 

Q:           How can I get more information?

A:            For more information, please contact our mission trip team leader, Mr. Brad Koehn at 586-275-9438 (text or call) or via email at castawaykoehn@gmail.