Community Support

Helping one another in love
We are blessed to partner with Shepherd’s Gate Church for care and support ministries.

Need some assistance?

Text your need to (833) 244-0966 or call the church office at (586) 286-4231.

Want to help?

All of us want to help others but sometimes it’s difficult to know how. Immanuel Loves is a convenient way you can become aware of a person’s need and respond if you are able. Simply opt-in to the texting platform and we’ll reach out if there is a need. Over the course of a week, you might receive a text or two. For example, “Member with a flat tire at Romeo Plank Walmart” or “High chair needed for a family who had a fire.”

If you’re able to help you can text back for further instructions. If you’re not able to help, that’s okay, no response is needed. You may be able to help the next time. It’s that easy! You will start getting texts when help is needed. And, ONLY when help is needed. We won’t use your number for any other purposes.

If you have an immediate need and want to benefit from this program, simply call the church office at 586-286-4231 and ask for Karen Reincke!

To opt-in, simply use the QR code below or text the word ‘love’ to (833) 244-0966.


If you’re in need of help with any food, or bills, we work in coordination with the Good Shepherd Coalition (586.307.8888). Our food pantry works through them, and anyone outside the Immanuel community needs to be referred for us to be able to help.

Any other requests please contact the church office who oversees our community help ministries, (586.286.4231).