Confirming the beliefs of the faith given through baptism.

Confirmation at Immanuel is open to any student in 5th grade or older who is ready to learn more about the Lutheran Church and what it means to walk in the Christian faith. This program is designed to bring not only head knowledge, but a love for their gift of faith.

We have redesigned the Confirmation program to meet the needs of the families in our congregation.  The schedule is flexible and adaptable so your family can complete the program in a time frame that works best for you.  

Some key notes:

  • There are 11 Pod lessons the student and parents can complete in a year or take up to 4 years. These will not be on Sunday mornings, but on various days of the week throughout the year.  All pods are required to be confirmed.
  • The Pods are 90 minutes each with prerequisites and memory requirements.
  • Service opportunities, worship reports, and serving at a worship service are a part of the requirements.
  • Maintaining 75% worship attendance at Immanuel is a requirement to be confirmed.For more details, click on the links below. 
Our congregation partners with the Lutheran High School Association in providing financial support to students attending a Lutheran high school. In order for students to be considered for this scholarship, they must be a confirmed member.