40Immanuel Lutheran School Technology Agreement

Cell Phone/Smart Watch/Device Policy

Students are not allowed to use cell phones, smart watches, and other devices during school hours (7:55 am ? 3:25 pm on full days, 7:55 am ? 11:40 am on half days) unless given permission by a teacher, administrator, coach, or director. If permission is given, the student must use the phone or device in the presence of the teacher, administrator, coach, or director for the intended use. The school office phones are always available when a student needs to contact a parent and should be solely used for this purpose.

It is expected that if a student brings a cell phone or device that the device will be off at all times and in the student?s school bag during school hours. Cell phones, smart watches, and other devices are prohibited in restrooms and locker rooms.

Cell phone/Device use is also not allowed at the following after school activities:

  • during Extended School Care (ESC) hours
  • on field trips, Chippewa Valley buses, cars used for field trips, and other school related transportation.


PICTURE TAKING with a cell phone or device is prohibited at all times unless under the supervision of a teacher.


Technology/Internet & Social Media Use

  • Respect all devices, property, and other technology equipment.
  • Students must not seek information on, modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to other users; or misrepresent other users; or attempt to gain authorized access to any system
  • Students are responsible for their own behavior when communicating with social media. They will be held accountable for the content of the communications that they state/post on social media locations.
  • Students must use internet in respectful, God-honoring way for school-related activities only.
  • Students must not send or post personal information anywhere online.
  • Students must treat information created by others as the private property of the creator. Respect copyrights. Do not plagiarize.
  • Staff of Immanuel reserves the right to revoke a student?s technology privileges, view a student?s files without notice, and delete a student?s files without notice.


Students who violate the above restrictions are subject to disciplinary action. Students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of their cell phones/devices. Immanuel Lutheran School shall not assume responsibility for theft, loss, or damage of a cell phone or device.


  • The device shall be confiscated immediately and given to the school principal. A detention will be given immediately.
    • The device will be given back only to the parent of the student.
    • The length of confiscation will be determined by the principal and the parent.
  • A second confiscation will result in a second detention and a holding of the device for a week by the principal.
  • A third will result in a suspension and loss of the privilege of having the device at school.
  • Use of a device for cheating, bullying, or other types of behavior that are in opposition to Immanuel?s rules, morals, and ethics will result in immediate detention, suspension, and/or expulsion.


I understand and agree to abide by this agreement. Students will not have access to technology until this agreement is signed by both parent/guardian and the students. The agreement is subject to change. Students will be notified appropriately.

Immanuel Technology Agreement