LHSA Congregational Scholarship

Why do we offer scholarships?

At Immanuel we are committed to supporting families as they raise their children in faith. We know that a Christian education is not only excellent for student growth but fosters their faith as well. This scholarship is intended to be a blessing for those families who are active in the life of Immanuel. We see this scholarship as an investment in the life of your student so they will be more fully equipped to follow Jesus the rest of their life.

Ultimately, this scholarship is given freely at the discretion of Immanuel’s leadership. This scholarship is not an entitlement but a blessing. At any point, if the student doesn’t fulfill the scholarship’s expectations, the leadership can adjust or cancel the scholarship as they deem appropriate.


Who is eligible for this scholarhip?

This scholarship is for baptized and confirmed members in good standing of Immanuel Lutheran Church. Guardians must also be baptized and confirmed members in good standing.

In the instance that a student has not been confirmed, they can become a confirmed member by completing Immanuel’s confirmation expectations on their own time. This will include all requirements as listed in the confirmation materials, including completing written work, a testimony paper, etc.  

*If your family was able to go through the confirmation program during Immanuel’s confirmation age (5-8th grade) but you declined, your student will be eligible for the scholarship starting their Sophomore year, provided they complete the confirmation qualifications listed above.

 *If you are transferring membership from another local church in the Macomb area you must have completed the membership process by July 1. If you become a member after July 1 you will be eligible to be considered the following school year for a scholarship.


What are the scholarship Expectations?

This scholarship is intended to support families who are regularly involved in the worship, life and ministry of Immanuel. We expect that Level 1 scholarship recipients will be worshiping at least 75%* of the weeks through the school year. As a response to current trends regarding the full reopening of Immanuel’s worship services and the schools removing remote learning, we are adjusting our worship attendance policy to allow only in-person worship to count toward your worship attendance expectation. Worship must be at Immanuel to count toward your worship attendance requirements.

Remember that the CONNECT CARD is the ONLY way we know if you were present. If you do not fill out a Connect Card, our records show you were not there. Please remember to fill out the Connect Card every time you are present in worship. In keeping with Christian integrity, please only list those family members who are present in worship. Do not fill out a card generically for your family if someone is not present.

Any special services (Advent, Lent, etc) are like extra credit. They only help your average, never hinder it.

*For those who have a dual-custody family situation where only one parent is an Immanuel member, the worship requirement is 40%.


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