LHSA Scholarship Service

Serving Christ and His Church

Thank you for serving! As part of the scholarship program, we ask for 3 hours/quarter during the school year serving our church community. The quarters are defined as:

Summer (June-Aug): There are no requirements during the summer months. However, any service hours done during the summer will count toward the following Fall Quarter.

Fall Quarter: Sept-Nov | 3 HOURS

Winter Quarter: Dec-Feb | 3 HOURS

Spring Quarter: March-May | 3 HOURS

This makes a total of 9 hours throughout the year. These hours can be doubled with your NOAH hours, as long as your service is done through an Immanuel ministry and within the quarters as defined above. For example, if you serve two hours at an Immanuel event in October this would count as two Immanuel hours for the Fall quarter AND two NOAH hours. We desire that you serve above and beyond these 9 hours in our community.

We encourage service hours in many ways. You can serve: at any of our community events, mentoring kids ministry, mentoring confirmation students, reading, singing, worship setup, greeting, and daycare to name a few. If you?d like more ideas, or have questions, please get in contact with Pastor Nikolai.

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