Physical Education

My name is Kyle Gregory, the Physical Education Teacher, here at Immanuel Lutheran. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Health Education from Ohio State University. I am originally from Tacoma, WA, so naturally I love all the Seattle sports teams and the rain. I am very excited to be the PE teacher here and believe in structure that helps guide the student’s skills rather than aimless activities. I served in the US Army and felt the structure helped me to focus on what needed to be done rather than what I can do to push boundaries. I enjoy guiding students and incorporating new education models and allowing for student feedback and choice in some of the activities we are learning.

I believe PE is a very important time for students to grow and develop important life skills such as communication, problem solving, personal and social responsibility, how to be a leader, how to be a follower, team work, and overall well-being. Developing the mind and body are crucial as students grow. We utilize our time to not only play sports and games but to have teachable life moments when they arise that can benefit all. Positive reinforcement and multiple teaching methods are used to aid the students as well as providing a plethora of opportunities for repetition and various trials in assessment. All students have the opportunity to succeed in class and have fitness based classes at least once a month for Wellness Wednesdays. A healthy lifestyle is important for all students, and we work on incorporating cross curriculum methods into our lesson plans such as math, health, art, and history. All while intertwining God’s glory and sharing our love for Jesus.

Reminder to all students and parents, we frequent the outdoors as the Michigan weather permits. If you or your child has special shoes he/she does not want to get dirty, he/she should not wear them on days when they have PE. Their gym shoes are not for outside and students are expected to know when they have PE as going outside is always a possibility with proper footwear.

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Kyle Gregory

Physical Education Teacher

Kindergarten – 2nd grade Physical Education focuses on students’ locomotor skills (skipping, hopping, jumping, galloping, etc), skill development (overhand throw, instep kick, hand dribble, etc), and recognizing the beneficial effects of physical activity and how we can apply these skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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3rd-5th grade physical education continues to build and improve through skill development such as (dribbling basketball with dominant and non-dominant hand, completing beginner / proficient/ advanced jump rope skills, completing a 5 step bowling approach, etc.), locating pulse and determing current heart rate, developing personal / social character traits, and participating in the fitnessgram. Each trait is another example of how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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6th-8th grade physical education will focus more on fitness related activities, team building exercises (sportsmanship, charachter development, social skills), as well as skill development intertwining through team sports. These traits will help push each student to continue to develop and maintain that healthy lifestyle.

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