Physical Education

My name is Mr. Jeff Warren, the physical education teacher here at Immanuel. I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a bachelor?s degree in Physical Education and Health Education. I have three years of teaching experience in Macomb and Monroe County in the elementary and secondary level. In addition to education, I have coached Cross Country, Basketball, and Track and Field.

Physical Education is an environment where I will help develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle for our students and promote a positive attitude towards life-long physical skills. In physical education, students are encouraged with multiple learning methods throughout each lesson to help each and every student succeed. Above all, I want to help share the love for Jesus and intertwine his glory through physical education.

The Lord has blessed me with a loving wife Dayle, Parents (Henry and Laurie) a brother (Erik) and a sister (Courtney). We enjoy attending sporting events, exercising, and spending time with our families and friends. Dayle and I are were married this past November here at Immanuel.

physical education teacher jeff warren

Jeff Warren

Physical Education Teacher

Kindergarten – 2nd grade Physical Education focuses on students’ locomotor skills (skipping, hopping, jumping, galloping, etc), skill development (overhand throw, instep kick, hand dribble, etc), and recognizing the beneficial effects of physical activity and how we can apply these skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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3rd-5th grade physical education continues to build and improve through skill development such as (dribbling basketball with dominant and non-dominant hand, completing beginner / proficient/ advanced jump rope skills, completing a 5 step bowling approach, etc.), locating pulse and determing current heart rate, developing personal / social character traits, and participating in the fitnessgram. Each trait is another example of how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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6th-8th grade physical education will focus more on fitness related activities, team building exercises (sportsmanship, charachter development, social skills), as well as skill development intertwining through team sports. These traits will help push each student to continue to develop and maintain that healthy lifestyle.

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