Prayer Walking

Seeing what God sees.

Prayer walking is a way of simply seeing, praying and listening. We want only to do what we see the Father doing (John 5:19), so we ask to see what He sees. We ask for His heart. We ask for His Kingdom to come. God loves to speak to us, and prayer walking is a simple way of loving and serving your neighbors and it helps us to look for where He is already at work and to join Him in it!

Kids, check out the weekly bingo sheet and notice all the things around you as you walk!

3 steps for Prayer Walking

  1. Walk
    1. Imagine Jesus walking with you.
    2. Walk on your own or with a group of 2-4 or with your family.
    3. Walk in your neighborhod or at a park or in a city.
  1. See
    1. Ask Jesus to give you His eyes, so you can see what He sees.
    2. See your neighbors, the houses or other buildings, the workers, the signs and the happenings of the nieghborhoods
  1. Pray
    1. Pray what you see. Pray for your neighbors, the delivery man, the construction project or whatever else you see.
    2. Listen to how Jesus may respond to your prayers. Turst His presence and His prompting.

After You’re Done

Journal or discuss what you saw. Share your story and a photo!