[RE]DISCOVER: Faithful Living

As a church community, we are challenging one another to Rediscover the life we have in Jesus. We are focusing on key areas of the Christian life: time, talent and treasure. We want to connect you with intentional ways to serve. We want to encourage you to find your passions and talents, and use them as an extension of following Jesus. We want you to see your treasures as an opportunity to invest in God’s kingdom work and to change lives. Through the message series, prayer and fun events we will Rediscover faithful living.

I recognize that I am a part of God’s family and kingdom work here at Immanuel, therefore:

[RE]DISCOVER Commitment
I commit to spending TIME with God by engaging in:
I commit to using my God-given TALENTS and passions by serving in this/these way(s) [CLICK DESIRED AREA TO SEE FULL OPTIONS]:
Worship Service Ministry
Outreach Ministry
Community Events
Retreat Teams
Church Operations Support
Leader and Mentor Opportunities
Church Sports Ministry
Tech, Marketing and Design Opportunities
Preschool and K8 School
I intend to give... *