40 Days, Life Changing

Starts the weekend of Sept. 8th!

What is the Red Letter Challenge, you ask? In some Bible versions, all the direct quotes of Jesus are printed in the color red. Jesus’ words have the power to heal, save, challenge and change your life! The Red Letter Challenge will be 40 days of time in the Word with short readings and ways to deepen your faith. Ready to see God’s work in your life? Join the challenge!

Ways to get involved…

Invite a Friend

From Sept. 8 – Oct. 20, every message will focus on the Red Letter Challenge. This is a great opportunity to invite a friend to worship with you! The series is engaging and approachable for anyone and everyone.

Grab the Book

Each day for 40 days, there is a short reading and challenge. The books are usually $20 but Immanuel is covering half. You can pick up the book after any weekend service at the Welcome Center for only $10! Any form of payment, cash, check or credit is great!
Purchase online here and pick up in person!

Join a Small Group

Invite your friends to meet each week or join an existing group. There are groups of all types and groups that meet all throughout the week. This is a great way to encourage one another, discuss how you see God working through this series, and pray for one another. If you want to lead a group, contact Pastor Nikolai. If you want to join a group you can find groups listed here! There will be groups organized all through August and September so if you don’t see a group that fits check back every week leading up to Sept. 8.

Have Questions?

Reach out to Pastor Nikolai. He will be glad to help!