Mel Ott Baseball

Immanuel Mel Ott Baseball 2024

How do I register and pay?

Deadline to register

  • Friday, February 16


  • $105 for Tee Ball/Coach Pitch
  • $120 for Rookie/Machine Pitch, Beginner/Kid Pitch, and Junior/Kid Pitch
  • $15 Late Registration Fee
    • From Saturday, February 17-Friday, February 23
    • Registration after February 23 is not guaranteed as teams may be full at that time.


  • Tee Ball/Coach Pitch – Kindergarten and 1st Grade – Pitchers Mound 40 ft, Bases 60 ft
  • Rookie/Machine Pitch – 2nd and 3rd Grade – Pitchers Mound 43 ft, Bases 60 ft
  • Beginner/Kid Pitch – 4th and 5th Grade – Pitchers Mound 46 ft, Bases 70 ft
  • Junior/Kid Pitch – 6th – 8th Grade – Pitchers Mound 50 ft, bases 70 ft

If you have any questions, you can contact our coordinator, Jeff Warren at

Practice and Games

Practice times are determined by the Immanuel Mel-Ott coaches. Games typically begin in Late April / Early May and end mid-June.

Jeff Warren

Immanuel Mel Ott Coordinator

Player Code of Conduct Form

Please sign and submit to your Immanuel Mel Ott coach

Player Code of Conduct

T-ball Division Rules
Rookie Division Rules
Beginner Division Rules
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