Service Information


8:00am – Traditional (Call In*)

9:30am – Modern (Livestreamed)

11:00am – Modern

For children up to 5 years old, a nursery is available at 9:30am and 11am.

*Call in to 8:00am using your phone: +1 312 626 6799 | Meeting ID: 931 0471 4667 | Passcode: 466


6:30pm – Interactive & Family Centered (in Chapel)

This unique worship service is structured around music and interactive teaching. We aim to engage the whole family, from young kids through adults, so that everyone will get something from the service.

For children up to 5 years old, a nursery is available during this time in the main nursery in the Worship Center Lobby.


A new Teaching Service starts Sunday, January 9th at 9:30am

Multi-year study on Jesus all centered in the Gospel accounts of scripture.

8am Sunday is Traditional, 11am Sunday is Modern, and 9:30am is a unique Teaching Service

Will open with worship, praise and prayer then have an extended (about 45 minutes) teaching time.

You can attend this teaching service and your kids can enjoy Kids Ministry, then all worship together at either 8am or 11am.

Know Jesus Better

Perhaps you simply refer to yourself as a Christian, or maybe you call yourself a believer, or maybe you are a curious seeker.  Perhaps you identify with a denominational background like Lutheran, Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, or other.  You may be rich or poor, male or female, old or young.  Regardless of who you are, above all Jesus wants you to know him better, to know his teachings in depth, and to know his life’s true meaning and purpose.

Mosaic: Discovering Jesus

Mosaic: Discovering Jesus will be the year long focus of the Sunday morning 9:30am Teaching Service.  Mosaic will consist of a harmonization of all four gospels into one continuous narrative.  In so doing, we carry on the gospel tradition in the spirit of the evangelist Luke who said, “It seemed fitting for me as well. Having investigated everything carefully from the beginning, to write out for you in consecutive order” (Luke 1:3).

During our time in Mosaic we will “investigate everything carefully,” learning the world of the Bible and the culture of the New Testament as we tell the story of Jesus “in consecutive order.”  We’ll uncover the Hebraic background and context of the first-century Galilee, Jesus’ world, and the gospels.

To understand the gospels requires understanding their origins.  In Mosaic we will recover the original soil of Jewish thought and culture from which the gospels sprang.  Over the course of the Mosaic series, every verse of all four gospels will be considered and discussed.  However, we will not be studying the life of Jesus and the gospels for the mere sake of study.  The gospels are alive and the words of Jesus still breathe because he is alive and he still breathes.  In the same way he called his disciples to follow him, so he calls us today.  The words he spoke to them, he speaks to us today.  The hope he placed in them, he places in us today.  In Mosaic prepare to meet Jesus for the first time again!  Set aside your assumptions and allow him to introduce himself to you…again.

Looking for past services? You’ll find them all on the Immanuel YouTube channel!