Tech Wise Small Group Series

Sept 17 - Oct 8

From the youngest of us to the oldest, our society and our very selves has been reshaped by the technology around us. It can be a matter of excitement and equally frustrating to manage and figure out a healthy relationships to our devices. This 4-week series is perfect for small groups or families (especially with teens/pre-teens!). We want to stir up deep discussion on what we want in life, what helps us get there and what God created us for!

Resources for Leading a Family Study

This is a perfect series to do as a family. There are videos on RightNow Media (link below) that will be a helpful discussion starter along with the workbook. We recommend you plan a study each week following the Sunday morning message. This way the message is the launching point for further discussion and growth that week when you are able to meet. If you need access to RightNow Media please reach out to Pastor Nikolai.


Sept 17 – Core Ideas, Part 1: Tools, Devices and ‘Easy Everywhere’

Sept 24 – Core Ideas, Part 2: Instruments

Oct 1 – Core Ideas, Part 3: Flourishing, Formation and What Technology Is Good For

Oct 8 – The Big Picture

Looking for a small group?