Small Groups

Get together virtually or in person

Small Group Ideas

We were made for community! Now more than ever, encouraging one another and growing deeper in truth and love is vital. Gather a group of friends and family and get together either virtually or in person. Check out the recommended studies below and reach out to Pastor Nikolai so he can get you all the materials.


We all struggle with prayer. This study will lead you in ways to find more meaning, significance and power in your time with God.


Raising your kids and raising them in the faith is a priviledge and a challenge. Walk with other parents and be better equiped to lead your children in faith and life.


If you are looking for a deeper dive into scripture the book of Romans is one of the foundational theological books that defines how we understand God. This series is great for a group that has some working Biblical knowledge and wants to dig in even further.

If you don’t already have a go-to video conferencing app, here are a few possibilities for you to consider.

Zoom is easy to use and supports up to 100 people. It will require that everyone has a Zoom account but they are simple to setup and it’s free.
This is brand new, as of Friday April 25th! As it gets rolled out you may find this to be a great option. Plus, someone can join even if they don’t have a Facebook account. See the article for some details.
If everyone has a Gmail account this could be an easy option to get together.